Coldplay, T-Shirts, Tritonal, and Canalside

Coldplay plays the FNC Monday night August 1, at 7.  The show has been getting rave reviews and you can see them before the tour takes a western swing.  Stop in to the Mahony before of after the show.

For the month of August, if you tag us in your selfie from our dining room, patio, or bar you will be entered to win a Mahony T-Shirt.  Winners will be randomly selected throughout the month and the contest ends August 31.  Shirts are also available for purchase at the bar.

Tritonal is one of the hottest DJ Duo’s in the country and Thursday night August 4th this duo is expected to light up Canalside with glow sticks and power music.  Don’t miss this free show.

@CanalsideBflo is buzzing with tourists and players of Pokéman Go.  If you are with the kids, on a date or have family in town, we are ready and waiting to feed you.

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